Frequently Asked Questions

Multi-Specialty Clinic/Hospital FAQs

We will be the financial bridge when patients do not have enough funds to settle their transaction.

Your company name and respective branches will be included in our mobile app directory. SureServ QR code standees will also be given to you for display, showing that SureServ is accepted at your clinic/hospital.

1. Call SureServ’s customer service hotline or email [email protected]
2. Give the company name and your contact details to the customer service representative.
3. Wait for a call from SureServ’s account manager.

Yes, we will be conducting a one-time training session for your staff.

1. Discuss the details of availment with the SureServ user.
2. SureServ user will log in to SureServ app and scan the QR code by the counter.
3. Inform SureServ user of the amount to be paid.
4. SureServ user to enter amount to pay.
5. Receive a reference number for a successful transaction.

No, internet connection is not needed since the transaction will be done on the patient’s app.

Payment will be made to your nominated bank account.
     1. Check outstanding transactions via SureServ portal.
     2. Bill SureServ for total amount due.
     3. Receive payment within the agreed terms.

Transaction may be viewed on the SureServ portal.